Fall in love with Plovdiv – the European Capital of Culture 2019

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Here History Is Beautiful, Book Plovdiv Guide

Have you ever …

  • wished to find a hidden travel gem?
  • imagined to discover a city older than Rome & Athens?
  • dreamed to visit a town that is in love with its arts & festivals, cultural life and hakuna matata spirit?

Come and experience your Plovdiv

Where food tastes so good… history is beautiful… and unknown people feel like good friends.

There’s a lot to love about Plovdiv.  All the Thracians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans who fought to  claim Plovdiv as their own prove it. Locals, too. It’s not a coincidence why we call it Plovediv.

But what was it that made Plovdiv so essential to these civilizations? What is so special about this city? How does it feel to explore the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe?

Let’s step back in time to the early days of Plovdiv,  discovering curious stories about the picturesque Old Town with its Renaissance houses and cobblestone streets, the graceful Roman Stadium, the best-preserved Ancient Theatre in the World, the artistic Kapana Creative District and also the longest pedestrian street in Europe. And to touch the sky, let’s conquer together one of the seven hills and have an amazing view of the city.

Visit 10 of the most amazing sights


Church of the Holy Mother of God, Plovdiv
Church of the Holy Mother of God, Plovdiv
Plovdiv Roman Theatre View
Plovdiv Roman Theatre View
Plovdiv Roman Theatre
Plovdiv Roman Theatre
Plovdiv Old Town House Architecture - Included in Plovdiv Tour
Plovdiv Old Town House Architecture
Ethnographic Museum of Plovdiv
Ethnographic Museum of Plovdiv
Art sighn welcomes you to Bulgaria - Plovdiv Tour
Welcome to Bulgaria
Plovdiv Old Town House - Book Plovdiv Tour
Plovdiv Old Town House
The Hisar Kapia in Plovdiv
The Hisar Kapia
Picturesque Plovdiv Old Town House
Picturesque Plovdiv Old Town House
Yellow wall with a retro door, great for retro photos - Plovdiv Tour
Plovdiv Retro Photo
Plovdiv Hand-Made Shop, exposed souvenirs
Hand-Made Souvenirs
Plovdiv Old Town Cobblestone Street
Plovdiv Old Town Street
Plovdiv Vintage Guitar
Plovdiv Vintage Guitar
Church of St Constantine and Helena, Plovdiv
Church of St Constantine and Helena
Plovdiv Old Town Music Shop
Plovdiv Old Town Music Shop
Plovdiv Renaissance House
Plovdiv Renaissance House
Lamartine House
Lamartine House
View from Church of the Holy Mother of God, Plovdiv
View from Church of the Holy Mother of God, Plovdiv
Plovdiv Roman Theatre - Book Plovdiv Tour
Plovdiv Roman Theatre
Residence The Old Town, Plovdiv
Residence The Old Town

Throughout its 8-millennia history, Plovdiv has preserved cultural sites from exactly 7 archaeological periods: Prehistory, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods, Middle Ages, Ottoman and Revival period, as well as modern culture. People used to come here from far-away cities just in order to witness the spectacular events that were held here.

Nowadays, Plovdiv is even more vibrant and captivating. It’s the first city in Bulgaria which has been elected to represent Europe’s Capital of Culture for 2019. And once you visit, you would agree that Plovdiv was already a capital of culture for thousands of years in the past. You would feel the spirit of all the sports games, chariot and horse races that took place at the Roman Stadium, as well as the gladiator and animal fights and many musical and theatrical performances, held at the Ancient Theatre. These breathtaking venues continue to be open, so you could visit as a cultural site or book an event and come to experience it.

Whether it’s your first time or your 10th time, Plovdiv offers tours and pathways that allow you to explore the creativity and history that inhabit this city and the region. Are you ready to fall in love with Plovdiv? Let’s do this together. Check the tour highlights and get packed :). I can’t wait to meet you :).


Plovdiv Together from colorful letters

Plovdiv Together

  • Where? When? You book your tour individually, just contact me below. During the summer when it is usually above 35 C, I recommend you to book your tour in the early morning at 10:00 AM or it would be also pleasant in the late afternoon 6:00 PM.
  • The tour starts and ends at pedestrian area. If you are coming by bus/train, just tell me, I am going to give you directions or we can meet also there. The train/bus station is 15 minutes walking from our meeting point.

  • Duration:  About 2 and a half hours. We could prolong to 3 hours depending on how many stops we make, how many photos we take.

  • Price:  EUR 30. If you are a goup of two or more, there are great group discounts.

  • How to be equipped? The tour is suitable for all ages. You should be only wearing comfort shoes because we are going to conquer our first hill together. Also, there are many cobbled streets where we will explore plenty of picturesque revival  houses and monuments in the Plovdiv Old Town. During the warmer months, a bottle of water would be refreshing :). And if you wish sunglasses and hat for a pleasant walk under the Sun. Wide smile is obligatory :).


Send me a message – get in touch with me via the contact form below,  Facebook or Instagram.

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